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Inspired by similar initiatives in Paris, Washington DC, Hong Kong, Bogota and other cities_35cc7914c -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_launched The Petite Chef PopUps: unique, underground dining events. It brings friends and strangers together for conversation, music, delicious food, and a memorable night that stands out from regular restaurant experience. 


The Petite Chef links people who are passionate about cooking - professional chefs, talented home cooks - with people who are passionate about eating excellent meals in good company. Since launching in January 2018 in Argentina, we have grown to involve new chefs and cooks in different locations. All of our chefs and cooks go through a selection process to ensure they work in line with our standards and offer an outstanding PopUps experience. 


Interested in cooking with us? We'd love to hear from you. Drop us a line at

We attract open minded people from a wide range of backgrounds, professions, and nationalities. You are welcome to attend a dinner alone, or with a friend or partner. The dinner is a place for you to meet new people and make friends outside of your regular circles. 


Whether you are an expat looking to establish a new network, a visitor interested in meeting real people living in Nice, or a Local curious to make new friendships, you will find a unique, safe, and stimulating environment to do so.


The People


We value great-quality food made with passion. Each chef is different, but we aim to work only with the best. 


For Lory, our head chef, a lot of love, time, and energy goes into every plate.  The food is homemade from scratch, and of the best quality - no shortcuts taken. curious to see some of our kitchen experiments.


We encourage all our chefs to work with local, organic, and traceable ingredients, and complement them with some foreign delicacies. We emphasize the importance of only using meat from trusted suppliers that is raised in a healthy and sustainable way - for the farmers, the animals, and the environment. We are working hard to reach our goal of only serving sustainably farmed or wild-caught fish. 


Through our events we hope to inspire a new way of eating: incredibly tasty meals built of tradition and culture, that showcase sustainably-sourced ingredients and put vegetables, fruits and grains at the center. We are not vegetarian, but we only serve meat and fish that we can source and that has been grown in a healthy, sustainable way. 


Our chefs may be able to cater to different dietary restrictions with advance notice, but make sure to check before you book.


The Drinks

Whether alcoholic or non alcoholic beverages are included in your dinner is specified in the invitation. Often, our chefs love the idea of welcoming people with an exciting punch or classy cocktail and a welcome drink is included with dinner, while guests are welcome to bring their own wine. Wine bottles may also be available in exchange for a specified donation. 


Water is, of course, served. 

Other Services

Cooking classes at home or in a beautiful DIY trendy Workshop, private dinners catered in your home, custom-made cakes, French macaroons, marmalades, and fresh pasta to order... These are some of the other services The Petite Chef can_cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_provide. Get in touch and let us see how we can help:

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