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From work to plate

h-eat art mise en scene (Présentation (169))_edited_edited.png

Like Daniel Spoerri, visual artist of the 60s, who launched the current EAT ART, the art of using food in his artistic creations,WE  we have 40 years later, a contrary path by creating a food and artist pairing.

A 6 hands experience where we decline with the sound artist
works in culinary creation.

Whether you are an art gallery, a showroom in urbex mode or even want to live a unique experience surrounded by your friends or colleagues,
just choose your artist we will meet 


A creative process will then begin linked to the DNA of the work but also to the influences of the artist.
But you can also imagine a Warhol, Cézanne or van Gogh dinner with the duo! Everything is possible.


From the work to the plate, let your 5 senses guide you

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