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Steer roue sur un bateau


With more than 10 years of experience on yachts, we’ll offer you prestigious gastronomic adventures with creativity and enthusiasm during your cruise.


Throughout the day, we’ll delight your desires of the moment with recipes that are just as inventive as they are gourmet.

Our many years around the world and cooking at sea allow us to take your senses further than the ship allows.

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Within a radius of 50km maximum : Port of Marseille and La Ciotat

Upon your arrival, the yacht will have all your favorite products at your disposal. You’ll start your journey in the best conditions.

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Within a radius of 50km maximum : Port of Marseille and La Ciotat

During the winter periods, the remaining crew members on board have MR & MME's culinary creations delivered once a week. It’s good, healthy, and easy to prepare (vacuum packed).

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